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Interested in break dancing? You’ve come to right place! My love for this unique form of expression goes far beyond the spectacular moves you've seen.

I always used to wonder how some bboys could do moves, that seemed dangerous, without getting injured.

I eventually discovered that the way you train makes a huge difference. Those bboys, who were able to do the dangerous looking moves, often had original (and less dangerous) exercises that allowed them to develop that skill.

Furthermore, some 'newbies' were somehow able to get better faster (while most people only got better slowly).

These so-called 'quick learners' were usually good all-around athletes (they were good at almost every sport... even if it was their first time trying it).

This is what's called general coordination.

General coordination allows athletes to succeed in most sports, because they've gained enough experience with a wide variety of moves.

Practicing a lot of different moves enables you to rapidly develop a '6th sense', that constantly let's you know where your body is in space.

There is also specific coordination.

This type of coordination allows somebody to be good at one specific move (like the guy who can headspin forever, but can't toprock).

That's why it's important to practice a wide variety of moves when you train.

It allows you to get better faster, because you learn where your body is in space more quickly.


  • To provide a large variety of move tutorials, for all bboys, so that you can train in the most productive way possible.
  • I will also provide you with background information on the culture of bboying so that you can put it all context.
  • Finally, I plan to provide stretching and weight lifting exercises, so that you can build the flexibility and strength required for the harder moves.

Let’s get you break dancing!

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