How To Chair Freeze

The chair freeze is another basic breakdance move that adds some nice style to any routine (no matter how good you are).

Many bboys consider it old school, because it’s one of the original freezes that got created over 30 years ago, in the United States.

Here’s how you do it, if you’ve never done it before.

Chair Freeze

Starting position

Get into a handglide position ( baby freeze without resting a leg on your elbow).

Chair Freeze

Step 1: Practice stabbing in your back

In order to hold the chair freeze without falling, you need to stab with the same elbow as the baby freeze, but in a different spot.

Instead of stabbing your elbow inside and above your hip bone, you will now need to stab it on the side or back of the same bone.

The idea is for you to be comfortable with this twisted body position. The only way to do that is by stabbing your elbow closer to your back.

To practice this, all need to do is, from the handglide position, bring your left foot flat to the ground behind you (if your right elbow is stabbed); or the opposite if your left elbow is stabbed.

This position will force you to turn your back to the floor (so turn at the hips).

Practice stabbing your elbow in different places, until it feels stable.

Everybody is built differently, so one person could be comfortable (and balanced) when stabbing in his side; another person could feel more at ease when stabbing in his back.

Chair Freeze

Step 2: Make it a chair

Once you can put your foot flat down behind you and stay balanced, you can go for the chair.

The hard part is over. With one foot flat behind you, all you need to do is, lift up the other foot, and rest it on the knee (same knee as the flat foot).

You may want to readjust the arm that is not stabbed. Bringing it higher above your head helps to keep you from falling backwards.

Once in the chair, you should be relatively comfortable. You’re not doing it right, if you’re struggling to keep yourself balanced.

Step 3: Practice makes perfect

Now that you can chair freeze, you must master it.

Why? Because, once it’s mastered, you can improvise with it (without falling out of it).

So, how do you go about mastering it?

  1. Practice shifting from the chair on one side to the other side (without your legs hitting the ground during the transition).
  2. Practice going into the chair from a variety of moves.
  3. Practice getting out the chair and into different moves.

Come up with your own variations once you feel comfortable with it.

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