Let's Get Down to Basics...
Easy Break Dancing Moves

So you need massive amounts of information with videos and pictures on easy break dancing moves? You've found it.

These basic bboy moves can get the crowd going and ready to blow up, if you master them, and add your own flare to them.

The top rock variations are good warm-ups, and once that’s done, practice whatever you want and build routines that flow well.

Even though these are called easy moves, you should still put a fair amount of time into practicing them so that they become second nature when you’re breaking it down.

This way, even if you miss a move, you can recover into these easier tricks to camouflage your fall.


How To Toprock - Indian Step

How To Do a Cartwheel


How To Six Step

How To Three Step

How To Helicopter (Coffee Grinder)

How To Bicycle Pump

How To Worm

How To Kip Up

Bridge Exercises for Getting In and Out of the Bridge


How To Baby Freeze

How To Chair Freeze

How To Headstand Freeze

Bridge Exercises for Arm Strength and Back Flexibility


How To Backspin - Part 1

How To Backspin - Part 2

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